Vor Dir

Sound design for a short film directed by Janin Halisch, Dffb, 2010/11.

Vor Dir is a sensitive view on the fragile relationship between two young people. Still unsure about their feelings - blurry passions, remembrances and desires set the mood of the protagonists' world.

Vor Dir, shortfilm. 15 min. Director: Janin Halisch, Dffb, 2010/11, Stockholm International Film Festival 2012, Fresh Film Festival 2013

I appreciated working on this project for three reasons. First, Janin Halisch had a clear vision on the 'feel' of the auditory part of the film. Second, I still had all the artistic freedom I needed to transform the concept into actual sound. Third, the sound rather than the music or dialogue was supposed to transmit the emotions of the characters.

In my view this approach led to a strong atmospheric film creating a close and quiet natural connection between the viewer and the characters on screen.

Sound design for this project however meant creating the whole auditory part of the film anew from foley to atmospheres, to voices and sound effects. Hardly any of the originally recorded sounds on the set made it to the finished mix.

Music and dialogue are very rare in this picture and the only voice you hear is a sporadically set in off-voice. Thus much of the inner feelings and motives of the characters are told through subtle sounds and atmospheres, small gestures and a very attentive camera work.