The Millers

Sound design for a short film directed by Christine Maslok.

The Millers, short film (excerpt), directed by Christine Maslok, 2013, © Christine Maslok Produktion

I was the sound designer for the short film 'The Millers'.

The visual aesthetic of this film, brilliantly shot by Luca Lomonaco, partly recalled one of my favourite filmmakers: David Lynch. So soundwise, due to this inspiration, you can find a little Alan Splet (Lynch's sound designer) in this work. Specially in the way the atmospheres were created. Following Splet I used exterior sounds to create a more claustrophobic interior atmosphere.

The feeling of an unpleasent proximity between the protagonists was often visually expressed by close shots. I put a lot of detailled work in supporting this on the soundtrack. Mainly using the very close production sounds recorded by Robert Fuhrmann with lavalier microphones (Sanken Cos 11) attached to the actor's clothes.

'The Millers' was a lot of fun to work on. To me the outcome is an arcane and beautifully arbitrary work.