Le Narrateur

Sound design for a short film directed by Carla Engler.

Le Narrateur, short film, directed by Carla Engler, 2013, © Carla Engler Produktion

I was the sound designer for the short film 'Le Narrateur'.

As part of the 99Fire Films competition, this film earns the title 'short' in more than one way. It's only lasting 99 seconds in whole and, according to the rules of the competition, was conceived and completed in only 99 hours. Eventually there was about 9 short hours left for the whole sound design. A bit sadly the film was also short of luck at winning the competition.

Nevertheless, working on 'Le Narrateur' was a big pleasure. The team was excited about the challenge of creating something unique in the time given. It was my first collaboration with director Carla Engler who was absolutely great to work with and last not least I finally had the chance to work together on a project with one great lighting technician - my dad.

Designing the sound for 'Le Narrateur' was a demanding task considering the short time given, but mostly just great fun because of the many different moods that could be implemented. There are sad, dramatic, violent and romantic moments and most excitingly - a monster!