Der Fluch

Sound Design for a trailerproject with Danny Schwohl and Harald Christ, March 2010.

This is the trailer of a film I would love to see. Star Wars meets Indiana Jones and Han Solo rushes through different dimensions with Princess Leia.

Der Fluch Fun-trailerproject, March 2010

This project was a hilarious collaboration with my colleagues Danny Schwohl and Harald Christ. We took scenes from different films, mixed them together to create a new story and completely redesigned the sound track.

At the same time this trailer was a little homage to Harrison Ford, whose Indiana Jones and Han Solo characters were united and put into a different context. We were wondering if it was possible to create a new impression of the cinematic images so common to Star Wars and Indiana Jones connoisseurs like ourselves.

Besides the visual concept, the main focus was set on the sound track of the film. We created the whole audio level of this trailer anew; none of the original sounds were used. All aspects of filmsound, from foleys to effects, atmospheres and dialogues were specially recorded and designed to examine the importance of sound in a so-called 'visual' medium.

As a more recreational project, we did not take the sound to aesthetical peaks. However, the finished result shows quiet well what a difference sound makes and how it can change the experience of images, even of those you already know.