Das Letzte Abteil

Sound designer for feature film.

I was sound designer for the feature film “Das Letzte Abteil” (The Last Compartment)

The Last Compartment is set in 1986. After their train is hit by an avalanche in the alps, 30 year old Greta and five strangers find themselves trapped in the last car of a train, buried underneath the snow. On the radio they learn that a rescue operation is under way, but for some reason the last compartment seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. As we follow their attempts to escape their icy prison, we begin to understand that there is more to the compartment than meets the eye...

This feature film was just great to work on and it luckily got me together with Volker Pannes once more to create the sound design.
It was an exciting challenge to let the soundtrack come alive in this chamber drama situated in only one compartment of a train. This minimal setting still allowed for a lot of creativity soundwise. The flickering neon lights, the pressure of the snow on the almost bursting windows, the squeaking and moaning of metal as the compartment shakes - we had a lot of fun designing these sounds in order to keep the tension rising towards the surprising end of the film.


Das Letzte Abteil
Das Letzte Abteil