10 channel sound installation for five rooms, solo-exhibition, August 2010, Lietzenburgerstr. 45, Berlin.

This installation was an invitation to search for interesting listening sites. The visitors were free to walk around the rooms and while doing so they turned into composers of their own experience. The very way visitors navigated through the space and their decisions about which sounds to listen to more closely determined their perception of the installation. Eventually, the aesthetic object manifested itself in the perception of the visitors - and always in a different way.

Sweetspotting-1 10 channel sound installation, solo-exhibition, August 2010, Berlin (stereo version: soundwalk / field recording at the site)

The acoustic properties of five rooms were technically measured, tested and used for a composition. This composition originated in, and specially relates to the situation of the installation space. The whole of the installation could not exist outside these five rooms. This site-specific feature results in a mutual influence of external conditions (such as reverb, resonance frequencies etc.) and inner musical processes.


Sweetspotting was featured on Twen FM in Pheline's Art Show#6, 25.09.2010.

At the supercollider symposium Pheline interviewed me about my first Sweetspotting-Installation, the effects of space on sound and future plans.