Hydraulisches Schlagzeug 1-3

Hydraulisches Schlagzeug 1

Quadrophonic soundinstallation, group-exhibition, Lietzenburgerstr. 45, July 2009, Berlin.

This was the first installation of my Hydraulisches Schlagzeug series. In this experimental noise study I started to examine devious potentials of rhythm and beats.

HydraulischesSchlagzeug-1 (Excerpt) Quadrophonic soundinstallation, group-exhibition, July 2009, Berlin (stereo version)

A lot of people (including myself) have machine-like associations when they hear a rhythm. The steady pulse of a beat seems to match our idea of a running engine. The sounds of my installation pick up on this beat-machine relationship, consisting of hydraulic machine-noises and drum sounds. At the same time I tried to further the concept of rhythm by avoiding the predictable repetitive structure of the beat to form a free hybrid body of sound.

Hydraulisches Schlagzeug 2

Quadrophonic sound installation, group-exhibition, Clubtransmediale, Pulse Lab 10.1 / SPA, January 28 – February 7, 2010, Berlin.

At the Pulse Lab group-exhibition of the clubtransmediale 2010 in Berlin I continued my Hydraulisches Schlagzeug series, sharing space with Philip Kullen and Robert Henke.

Hydraulisches Schlagzeug-2 (Excerpt) Quadrophonic sound installation, group-exhibition, Clubtransmediale, Pulse Lab 10.1 / SPA, 2010, Berlin (stereo version)

Robert, Philip and I were experimenting with the adjustment of the speakers. Little changes in the speaker position had strong effects on the sound. And our installation space had special and dominant acoustic properties - mainly a comparatively large reverb due to plain, parallel and hard surfaces of the walls, floor and ceiling.

With the second version of my Hydraulisches Schlagzeug series I continued my study on the possibilities of rhythm as a sound rather than a repetitive beat. My question was does a beat always have to be the driving engine in a musical piece like a better metronome? Couldn't it instead be used in a freer sense, like a melody or a sonic texture?

Hydraulisches Schlagzeug 3

Stereo sound installation, March 2010, Maracaibo, Venezuela

The 3rd version of my rhythm study Hydraulisches Schlagzeug was shown as a part of the 'La velada de Santa Lucia' exhibition in Santa Lucia, Maracaibo, Venezuela in March 2010. Under the title 'esta casa esta sonada' Marco Montiel-Soto curated one of the houses in the 'Barrio' of Santa Lucia.

Once a year every house in the main street of Santa Lucia is turned into an exhibition space. Since the inhabitants are still living in the houses while the exhibition takes place, room interiors are not changed too much. Thus my third rhythmical study Hydraulisches Schlagzeug-3 is a stereo version that was played on a conventional hi-fi system.

HydraulischesSchlagzeug-3 (Excerpt) Stereo sound installation, group-exhibition, 2010, Maracaibo, Venezuela


Hydraulisches Schlagzeug 1-3
Hydraulisches Schlagzeug 1-3
Hydraulisches Schlagzeug 1-3